No Fucks Given Radio started in April 26, 2016 and has gained an eclectic following of over 11,000 unique listeners from 92 countries. The radio started with one show 'The No Fucks Given Hour' for interviewing underground hip hop and horrorcore artists. Our station has since expanded to 17 shows that air live as well as several pre-recorded podcasts covering topics from conspiracy theories, sports, horror movies, comics, wrestling, sex, and more.  We celebrated our 200th Episode of 'The No Fucks Given Hour' on December 21, 2017 interviewing Lex the Hex Master of Majik Ninja Entertainment.

Available Services:

  • Interviews
  • Radio Play
  • Graphics
  • Album Reviews
  • Beats and Production
  • Website Advertising
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Artist Feature/Press Release
  • Radio Advertising/Commercials
  • Show or Radio Sposorship
  • Live Event Photography/Videography
  • Podcasting/Show Slots on NFGR

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