NFGR is a movement that only profits when we sell services, release a project, or sell slots on our radio shows. The majority of our work contributes to promote underground hip hop music, educate, and entertain audiences. Most of the time we DO NOT get compensated and have to cover costs out of pocket. These costs include running No Fucks Given Online Radio, the Website , promotions, releasing product, and much more. 

Your donation will go towards operational costs, advertising campaigns, and much more. Plus remember that all contributors to NFGR whether it is art, press, webmaster, audio, production, recording, etc do not get paid. All of us donate our time and many come out of pocket with expenses. Your donation will greatly help our cause. With that being said check out the site, explore the material, the information, the music, and if you feel like contributing no matter how big or small it is greatly appreciated.

Much luv and respect,

The NFGR Team