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No Fucks Given Radio started in April 26, 2016 and has gained an eclectic following of over 20,000 unique listeners from 92 countries. The radio started with one show 'The No Fucks Given Hour' for interviewing underground hip hop artists. Our station has since expanded to several different shows that air live as well as several pre-recorded podcasts covering topics from conspiracy theories, horror movies, comics, wrestling, sex, and more.  We celebrated our 200th Episode of 'The No Fucks Given Hour' on December 21, 2017 interviewing Lex the Hex Master of Majik Ninja Entertainment.  Others we have worked with include Knitwit, Kelley Cabbana, King Gordy, Skitzo, Mastamind, Bootleg of the Dayton Family, Whitney Peyton, Godz of Kaos, Damien Quinn, Project Born, Statik G, Green Jelly, Poe Whosaine, Wolfpac, The Rude Boy, Matt Hawkins, Bryan Hill, Kyle Starks, 10/31, and MORE!

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Nfgr no fucks given hour

The No Fucks Given Hour

Hosted by The Unknown Factor and Chuckklez

Nfgr 3 chicks 1 prick

3 Chicks...1 Prick

Hosted by Versus Humanity, Guardian Angel, and Chelle Chelle

Nfgr aliens ate my broadcast

Aliens Ate My Broadcast

Hosted by Mistah DKB and The Unknown Factor

Cult Crew Presents: The Kool-Aid Korner

Hosted by Damien Quinn, S.A.W. Da Ghozt, and Bloody Ruckus

Nfgr freaky fucked up fear hour

Freaky Fucked Up Fear Hour

Hosted by Chuckklez, L-Mo 415, and The Unknown Factor

Nfgr no bullshit zone flyer

No Bullshit Zone

Hosted by The Unknown Factor, Big Will, Frank Nitty, and Polk Frost

Nfgr record relapse

Record Relapse

Hosted by N0053 and Demonik Tha Butcha

Supah Nerd-tendo Entertainment Show

Hosted by The Supah Smash Bros. and The Unknown Factor

Nfgr talk sick flyer 1

Talk Sick with RhymeSick

Hosted by Mic Wreka and Mikey G

Nfgr talk snuff with team snuff flyer

Talk Snuff with Team Snuff

Hosted by 7ynch and The Unknown Factor

Nfgr the blood beyond the mat flyer

The Blood Beyond the Mat

Hosted by Chuckklez, Demonik Tha Butcha, Wikkid, and The Unknown Factor

Other featured shows include: Critical Thinking Podcast, Good Talk Podcast, Welcome to Hell with Tormentid, Sports From the Porch, and Slings, Flings, and Dingalings

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