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Critical Thinking Podcast on NFGR, Anderson, IN

We believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s crazy world; your personality, your sense of humor, and most importantly, your heart. All of these elements brought us together to make Critical Thinking Podcast back in 2016. We noticed that a lot of the "big" critics out there are pretty disconnected from the rest of us. Their reviews are often unfair or exaggerated, and even boring. A lot of the big names seem to be mimicking news media groups... Seriously, as if gamers, movie goers, comicbook fans, and collectors of nerdy memorobilia want our stuff to look and feel like the evening news!

So we decided to be the guys to tell it like it is. The average Joes (or Josés) who will stand as the voice of the people against the evil corporate machine that's attempting to step on the last magical, unicorn-riding, ultra-kitten on earth! (Okay, so chock up that last bit of the mission statement to the caffeine). Nerd culture with all of the epic storytelling, awesome icons and captivating universes is our thing. And we want share it with you as we think, talk and breathe this exciting stuff. We love the thought provoking nature of the Nerdiverse. And also the hillarious stupid stuff in it that makes us laugh our asses off!

We will entertain you as we bounce all over the topics we love. We will suprise you with our willingness to go wildly off the reservation with our opinions. We will make you laugh with our quirky antics and good natured jabs. And we will leave you satisfied with the good feels of friends hanging out together, talking about what we all love.

So listen in and have a blast with the Critical Thinking Family!


Freaky Fucked Up Fear Hour Episode 16 [Internet Radio], Underground, USA

Tune in Tuesday for "The Freaky Fucked Up Fear Hour with Chuckklez (Official), L-MO 415, and The Unknown Factor reviewing City of the Dead, I Saw the Devil, and Friend Request! #NFGR

Damn it's some freaky fucked up conversations when you get Chuckklez (Official), The Unknown Factor, and L-MO 415 on that Horror movie shit. Tune in every 2nd Tuesday to see what films they're gonna dissect.

From the old classics you love to the new jump scare films, B movies that just suck & the ones that you just want to watch again and again. Blood, gore, paranormal shit, Monsters, vampires, werewolves, zombies, mummies, hell maybe even Frankenstien.

We'll also compare a classic film to it's modern day remake each month. Talking about where they improved the film and where they just straight up fucked shit up.

Catch us LIVE on YouTube @

Listen @ or download the app on Google Play: NFGR LIVE!

Got opinions? Shit don't keep them to yourself give us a call and chop it up!


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