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Good Talk Podcast on NFGR, Anderson, IN

You’re invited to take the ride with us. Compelling and often times funny questions feed the soil in this ever-growing tree of abstract, philosophical exploration.

Explore, laugh, and interact with us as we bring fascinating and inspiring guests on the Good Talk to share their stories with the world. After all, what makes us human—who we are, what we are, and what we may become—is the catalyst which drives us to share the Good Talk Podcast with you.

Now more than ever, this world and its inhabitants need new perspectives—new ways of thinking about both new challenges that are arising during this critical time in history as well as the persisting issues that have held us from attaining our true potential for far too long. This is a podcast that looks to expose those new perspectives and inspire those new ways of thinking.

Show host

JONAH LANTTO A native of Minot, North Dakota. Jonah is an entrepreneur with an inquisitive, passionate nature for discovery both inward and outward. He is a philanthropist and amateur podcaster with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. His journey to understand why things are the way they are have flowed specifically toward the human mind and how it interacts with the world we live in. This craving for information leads him down many promising, enlightening, and identifiable paths of inquiry.

“With each person who seeks knowledge, dialogue plays its role. I have looked between the verses of music, into the eyes of actors on screen, and in the deepest forests, but still… dialogue lends the greatest treasures. My goal is to engage in conversation, to bring about ideas that may inspire people to think differently. At the very least, we are talking to each other once again as they did around campfires many eons ago.”

Along with his close friend Rub (Kris Raub) they strive during every episode of The Good Talk Podcast to get to the bottom of those pesky questions—both large and small. Bring back the storytellers. The microphones are ready for your words.

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Slings, Flings, & Dingalings by SFD Radio Network, Anderson, IN

How did Slings, Flings, and Dingalings come to be? Well, that’s a very interesting question. It’s quite funny, actually. Producer Nathan hosted a comedy and pop-culture radio show that Lady Paige (then Pedro) was a huge part of. Nathan realized that Paige had quite the foul mouth (he already knew this, however) and figured that she’d be more effective as an actual host instead of a contributor. Some still think Nathan was just envious of the spotlight Paige was stealing, but look who’s laughing now!

So, in June of 2015, our show was born. Nathan texted to Paige a funky show name, “Hey, we should use ‘Slings, Flings, and Dingalings’, lolol”. “YES I LOVE IT BITCH” exclaimed Paige, and the name was adopted, domain purchased, and show was on the way.

Fast forward to now – The SFD Radio Network is heard in every US state and many countries internationally on iTunes, Google Play, Overcast, Stitcher, and many more! We’ve had many pornstars as guests, adult industry pros, and have secured many sponsors since the very first episode! Some could say that we are on a fucking roll. Our little show has turned into a huge adult radio network, and we could not be more excited!

Listen @ or download the app on Google Play!

Recent Episodes

ICP Lawsuit, Path of Destruction Tour, Freelance Hookers, & More: Tha Kaos Theory Episode 1  Podcast

ICP Lawsuit, Path of Destruction Tour, Freelance Hookers, & More: Tha Kaos Theory Episode 1

Hosted by Kaos of 10/31

In this episode: ICP lawsuit against the FBI, Path of Destruction Tour, Freelance hookers, Eat 'em Up video, and more!

Tune in for a NEW episode every Monday @ 9PM EST!

Air date: December 25, 2017

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